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Join our family of crafters.


We are always looking for new crafters and artists.  If you are local, please stop in the shop and bring a piece of your work and pictures with you.  An application can be emailed to those who are farther away.


We only accept high quality, handmade crafts.  Just like the best craft shows, categories can be full, and crafters may be put on a wait list.


Your items are unique, and we feel they should be in a shop that shows that.  We will display your crafts where we feel they will look (and sell) the best.  We move displays constantly, and your items may be in more than one area of the shop.


You DO NOT rent space or booths.  You are welcome to bring in as many items as you would like, anytime you like.  You will be assigned a vendor number, please use nice tags and have items priced before bringing them in.


We only charge a 25% commission (plus 3% credit card fee if the item is paid for with a credit card) when your items sell.  You are welcome to check in with us at any time to see what has sold and have your commission issued.


It's that simple.  We just ask that you keep items in season and advertise whenever you can!


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